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You and your kind have been travelling for such a long time that everyone has forgotten where you come from. Every night, under the light of the moon, you take the shape of a horse and discover the wonders of the plains. You clear a path that your people will follow. Will the call of the wind be stronger than the chains that bind you to your kind ? 

A long journey is a game about travelling free in a wonderful world and still encountering things that binds us to our kind. If you were free to run whereever you'd like every night, would you still come back when morning comes ?

A long journey is a storygame for 4 players or one player and three GMs depending on how you consider it. It is a game about cooperation and telling a contemplative story together. You can even play it solo with a few adjustment (a solo version will be published later). 

Be warned that hard topics like family issues or abuse can emerge through the game, but only if you play in that direction. Be kind to eachother and to yourself. 

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